Eric Pertgen, model, actor

Where Will Your Headshot Take You?

Eric Pertgen, model, actor

Eric Pertgen, model, actor

3 Chicks That Click Photography was thrilled to see our client, Eric Pertgen, on TV! Adorama TV, that is. We recommended Eric to professional photographer Gary Hughes, who was looking for a male model for his NYC presentation. He saw our image of Eric and booked him!

Check out the video here:
5 Tips For Better Professional Headshots

While you may not be considering acting or modeling as a career, or even as the purpose of your professional headshot, a great image can take you to great places. What if your got that promotion you were hoping for, and your company wanted to send out a press release? Do you have a photo you’re happy with, that hundreds or thousands of other professionals will see? What if you join a board, a professional group, or need to send out an annual corporate report? Perhaps you’re just looking for a new career opportunity and want to have a quality, polished image here on LinkedIn – are you prepared?

There’s no need to panic and do something last minute that might be very expensive and not even something you like. If you plan ahead and consider how you want to present your professional look, you’ll have an updated, high quality image ready for prime time. We’ll help you create an image that benefits your business and your brand.

You never know where your professional headshot will take you, so have one ready!

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