corporate portrait of Rob Krol wearing blue shirt and tie under dark jacket

How Much Time Will an Executive Portrait Session Take?

When photographing executive portrait sessions, we know most executives don’t have time for a big production. Often, we can photograph one person in their office in less than an hour. That includes set-up, shooting, and reviewing the shots. On the other hand, if it’s more elaborate with a very specific editorial look, if there are multiple people or special lighting requirements, if the office interiors and exteriors are also being photographed, then the session could take several hours. The major considerations are the number of people, the number of locations, and the specific needs of the session.

How To Prepare My Space for the Photography Session

Your space needs to be clean, organized and as beautiful as possible if you want to project the best image of an executive. The camera notices paper and clutter much more than the human eye does, so be diligent about clearing off surfaces, removing extraneous personal items such as coffee cups, picture frames, folders, etc. Bare surfaces and minimal furnishings project clarity, professionalism, organization and success.

How To Prepare Yourself for a Corporate Portrait Session

You should be camera-ready when we arrive at your location. What does this mean? 3 Chicks That Click will provide you with a document that details the best types of clothing, hair, and makeup styles. Men should wear business attire as if meeting an important client, and be well groomed. If your session is later in the day and you are prone to 5 o’clock shadow, please shave before your session. Women should style their hair and makeup in a classic business style. We highly recommend our hair stylist/makeup artist who will touch you up and make sure you look great for the camera.

Is Special Lighting and Space Necessary?

Beautiful images can be produced with available office light and reflectors — but it depends on the quality of the light and the needs of the client. We always bring a whole studio’s worth of lights with us, and of course, our Middletown, NJ studio is available with different backgrounds. We are also able to photograph you in a conference room that we have access to. Sometimes the difference between a good photo and a great photo is that one extra light. We like to be prepared.

What To Do If I’m Uncomfortable Having My Picture Taken?

We tell our clients who aren’t thrilled with the idea of having their portrait taken to think about the work they do and what they enjoy about it. You should also imagine the feeling you want to send out to the world. Some executives and companies want to project a warm, approachable, easy–to-work-with feeling — but a law firm taking on big clients, for example, might want to project more strength and edge. These attitudes can be heightened with lights and composition. Including props and things that you use in your work can also look great in the image. We also encourage our clients to relax and enjoy their moment in the spotlight.

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