Dr. Falguni Patel, Women's Healthcare and Wellness

Dr. Falguni Patel, founder of Rejuvenate Center for Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Patel's clients put their health and their trust in her professionalism and approachability. We created an image that shows her confidence, and her warm, caring personality.

Dr. Falguni Patel, Women's Healthcare and Wellness, OB-Gyn, 3 Chicks That Click Photography, cosmetic surgery, female doctor, business woman
Champion Mindset Coach, Rhonda Petit

Rhonda Petit, Champion Mindset Coach

Rhonda's clients experience personal transformation that unleashes their potential and improves their effectiveness and productivity!

We showcased Rhonda's enthusiasm and approachability, creating an image that leaves room for her marketing message and branding.

Before and After - 3x5 Coaching By Rhonda - Rhonda Petit, 3 Chicks That Click, Business Coach
Kristin DeNicola - Luxury Home Specialist, Circle of Excellence Award Winning Realtor

Kristin DeNicola, Luxury Home Specialist and Award Winning Realtor. When you're marketing upscale homes, your look has to be professional and confident! Kristin brought all that and more to her photo session, with an award winning smile and successful can-do attitude. Future clients can see and connect with her polished presentation.

Kristin DeNicola, Luxury Home Specialist, Realtor
Lauren Eitel, Realtor

Lauren Eitel, Realtor

A professional media presence is required when you're marketing materials are being seen by thousands of potential customers. Make the investment in your public image, and customers will invest with you!

Lauren Eitel, Realtor
Terese Rolke - Director, Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce

New Executive Director of the Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce, Terese Rolke has been an incredible volunteer and member for many years, and we were honored she chose us to create her professional headshot.

Terese shared her "before" image above, and I'm sharing a "behind the scenes" image.

"Alyse Liebowitz and her makeup artist worked their magic! LOVE the pics!!! It was an amazing experience!" - Terese

Executive Director Terese Rolke with professional photo on the right
Karen Chesney, Professional Organizer of "Lighten Your Load"

Karen Chesney is the founder of Lighten Your Load, specializing in Business/Home Office Organization and Decluttering.

Karen projects a polished, professional image, exuding warmth, friendliness and confidence. With such a capable appearance, her clients know she can help them and their environment totally transform!

With great lighting, posing and professional hair/makeup, we'll make you memorable!

Karen Chesney, Founder, Lighten Your Load
Sherilyn Przelomski, Human Resources Specialist

This is how we changed Sherilyn Przelomski's look from friendly and casual to supremely confident and capable! Sherilyn is a Human Resources/Employment Specialist and brings the right look to her professional headshot.

Angles, lighting, posing and direction all work together to create your unique image.

We include a hair and makeup artist for your session.

Your online image represents your business and your brand. We’ll make you memorable!

Human Resources Professional
Nikki Woods, Psychotherapist

3 Chicks That Click Photography had a wonderful photo session with psychotherapist Nikki Woods, creating images for her web site, LinkedIn profile, and marketing materials.

Nikki's intent for her professional headshot was to look warm, caring, approachable and knowledgeable.

How do you want your clients to see you? We'll create images they will relate to!

Nikki Woods - Psychotherapist showing professional photo on the right
Claire Scully, Family Attorney

Family attorney Claire Scully has a new web site, and wanted professional photos for it, as well as her LinkedIn profile.

Claire's intent for her image was to look polished, capable, approachable and knowledgeable.

How do you want your clients to see you? We'll create images they will relate to!

Rylee - Young Professional

Rylee is a college student sending out résumés and creating a LinkedIn profile. Get ahead of your competition with a professional image that makes you stand out! Those first impressions of a potential employer are critical. Leave the selfies for Facebook or Instagram.

We create images that benefit your career and business!

Alli Iacullo - Financial Analyst
Heading layer

Alli is a Financial Analyst whose intent for her professional headshot was to look confident, knowledgeable, and highly competent.

Working in finance, it's important to show an investment in yourself, so clients feel assured in investing in you and your business.

Norah - Teen Model

As I well remember, teen years can be really awkward. For a new project, I've been photographing teens who feel shy, isolated or withdrawn. A professional photo session is an avenue to build confidence and self esteem, bringing out the beauty and strength that everyone has, in a fun, safe environment.

Norah totally channeled her inner super model!

Dawn Suarez - 50 & Fabulous Campaign Model

3 Chicks That Click Photography created a gorgeous magazine cover for business owner Dawn Suarez.

Dawn's casual look was transformed for her glamorous photo session, highlighting 3 Chicks's campaign of "50 & Fabulous"! We'll create your fabulous look with professional hair/makeup, gorgeous lighting and amazing wardrobe!

Jan Mauer - Luxury Travel Specialist

3 Chicks That Click Photography created headshot images for Luxury Travel Specialist Jan Mauer.

Jan's bright, sunny attitude and beautiful orange "sunset" jacket are perfect representations of the amazing trips she plans for her clients to the South Pacific!

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