an example of a set of four company headshots, a man and a woman top left and right, and two men bottom left and right. All are wearing business attire.

Company Headshots At Your Location!

Do your company’s employee headshots deliver a cohesive message? Do they all look polished, professional and part of a team? Or did everyone provide their own headshot – some woefully out of date, cropped from vacation photos, far too casual for a business environment – or worse, a mishmash of styles and looks?

Maybe you have an upcoming annual company report or board presentation; perhaps an industry conference, a large fundraiser, or are being featured in a trade magazine.

Consider these benefits to having 3 Chicks That Click Photography come to your business and photograph your team:

  1. Consistency – When your brand speaks clearly and cohesively, it looks more professional. With all your company headshots done at once, you get the same background, style and lighting.
  2. Convenience – have all of your people together in one place for their headshots – your place! Plan in advance, so there’s no panicked search for photos, or struggling last minute to find a good photographer.
  3. Cost savings – looking to manage costs? Who isn’t? You get an excellent product at a savings, rather than investing in individual headshots here and there. Win!
  4. Quality – updated, high-quality headshots done in a contemporary style for all employees and team members immediately upgrades your company’s appearance. All of your marketing, whether print or web, will have a fresh look that stands out.


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