Andrea Plaza LLC, accomplished executive leader and marketing communications pro who helps businesses and nonprofits soar with dynamic public relations, social media, marketing and fund development support. Photographed by 3 Chicks That Click Photography LLC

Learn Studio Lighting at Our Middletown, NJ Studio!

Now is the perfect time to learn studio lighting, and to practice indoors! We offer lighting classes at our studio in Middletown, NJ and all our gear is available for you to use.

Are you:
  • Looking for help with using lighting equipment or deciding what to buy?
  • Want a great studio space to practice with your own gear and our backgrounds/props?
  • Interested in learning product and/or portrait photography?
  • Unsure about how to photograph people wearing glasses without reflections or glare?

As a full time photographer, I can teach you lighting, and even business mentoring!

3 Chicks That Click Photography had a great time teaching basic lighting to Andy Russo. Andy is an accomplished local musician and is branching out into product photography. From a display of all kinds of cameras, Andy chose my very first camera, a Yashica FX-D from 1984, to use as the subject.

Photo of camera with a colorful background taken by Andy Russo

Andy Russo learns studio lighting with Alyse

Andy Russo lighting lesson, by 3 Chicks That Click Photography

behind the scenes type photo of a child surrounded by lighting with a foil background

Julianna is a child model and influencer for a large toy brand


Are you looking for a fun and educational activity to share with your child? Sign up for photography lessons with us!

Jules Toy Reviews 3, You Tube, photographed by 3 Chicks That Click Photography

Jules Toy Reviews 3, You Tube, photographed by 3 Chicks That Click Photography

Rates For Lessons

Rates for one-on-one lessons/coaching are $180 an hour or $500 for 3 hours.

Call or contact us today!

Alyse, thanks so much for the great session. I learned quite a bit in a short amount of time. I feel like you’ve taken me to the next level and can’t wait to do it again.