Basic Camera/Photography Class

Only $125 For a 3 Hour Class – Just 4 Seats Available!
Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 | 9AM to 12PM

Are you thrilled with the new camera you received for the holidays or your birthday, but not sure how or where to start with it? Do you want more than “point and shoot” results, and to find out more about all those buttons? Come learn in a fun environment!
Go beyond the “Auto” setting and start taking control of your images. What do you like to photograph? Kids, sports, vacations, pets?
3 Chicks That Click Photography will present a small, hands-on workshop in our Middletown studio to help you get started.

We’ll cover the basic controls of your camera, lens choices, the exposure triangle, white balance, the rule of thirds, basic post production for social media and print, and more. We will also discuss basic lighting and what kind of equipment to start out with. A flash is not required.

Refreshments and materials are included.

Individual instruction is available; please enquire.