Learn to take great vacation images!

Learn to take great vacation images!

3 Chicks That Click Photography and Susan Cameron Studios Present

Discover, Learn, and Improve Your Photography Skills!

Where – a private studio in Middletown, NJ
Timeframe – 6 hours
Light refreshments will be served

The Beginner topics are Basic Exposure Controls of Your Camera, The Characteristics of Light, and Post Production/Image Quality

The Intermediate Topics are Composition, Posing, and Studio Lighting

We’ll have a model to work with during the lighting segment of the class!

Beginner’s Class
The Basic Exposure Controls Of Your Camera

  • Learn how to use your camera in Manual mode for the most control and creativity.
  • We will cover Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Auto, and full Manual.
  • We will cover the most common types of focal length lenses and what situations are best for your photography
  • We’ll discuss the benefit of off-camera lighting instead of the camera’s pop up flash
  • Learn different types of light, including the color of light, and the effects of directional light
  • What is ISO, formerly known as “film speed”?
  • Why is image size/quality important?
  • Students to bring their owner’s manual
Learn to use natural light for beautiful images!

Learn to use natural light for beautiful images!

The Characteristics of Light

Learn to use your camera’s internal light meter

  • How to control exposure issues – over and underexposed images
  • What causes red eye and how to avoid it?
  • Using an off-camera flash unit (students do not need to have one for this class)
  • Shooting outside – how to best utilize the sunlight
  • What is white balance, and how is it used?





Post Production/Image Quality

Photoshop, Lightroom, iPhoto – oh my! Photo editing software overview.

  • What medium will the final image be used for – printed material, photo albums and prints, web, email?
  • Editorial selection – learn to “shoot to edit”
  • Creating folders and organizational structure
  • Back up your images! This is critical.
  • How to batch process your images to enhance your workflow and output for different media
  • What is non-destructive editing?
Photography Skills - Executive Portraits

Learn to create beautiful portraits!

The Intermediate Class

Composition – Learn techniques to improve the artistic quality of your images and what you should include or leave out of the shot.

Posing – Simple techniques to flatter your subject and how to highlight or minimize certain features

Lighting – Using a light meter, controlling ambient light, and classic portrait lighting