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This doggy day care facility in Jackson, NJ is so nice that *I* want to stay there!
Why? Take A Look

Dog run

Outdoor private dog runs

Indoor "suites"

Indoor “suites”

Owner Dawn Suarez and Casey

Owner Dawn Suarez and Casey

Do you have a dog, cat, bird, or another furry (or feathered) family member that needs a loving “home” away from home? Not Just Dogs Pet Retreat is the pet retreat you’ve been looking for.

With the holidays around the corner, and families on the road, what do you plan to do with the family member that can’t travel so easily?

3 Chicks That Click photographed the grand opening of this wonderful pet retreat and boarding facility in Jackson, NJ.  Located on private property, this isn’t the usual commercial venture run by a corporation.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Casey the Pomeranian, who is the perfect welcome wagon. Very cute and friendly, he actually led us to the brand new retreat building. He was a great dog to photograph, as he was patient, interested, and as noted – very cute.

In the retreat building, there are “suites” for each dog, which have their own doggy door to an outside run. A flat screen TV is mounted on the wall, so the dogs can enjoy Animal Planet. In addition, there are numerous enclosed, safely fenced areas for the dogs to run and socialize.


Not Just Dogs - Horses Too!

Not Just Dogs – Horses Too!

It was an overcast day, which required a bit of fill flash on the subjects, including owner Dawn Suarez (above), two horses, 5 dogs, and a fish pond. None of the animals seemed bothered by the flash, and it actually encouraged the horses to perk up their ears each time it went off.

Check out these plush dog beds!

Check out these plush dog beds!

Photographing inside the building, we were able to bounce the flash off the bright, white ceiling, to better highlight the suites and open space. Many of these images will be used on their upcoming web site. We captured images of the dog run building, the corrals for the horses, the fish pond, and the beautiful fall foliage of the surrounding woods.

Of course, we also took images of the four legged “guests” that came to check out the place. While we generally don’t do pet photography, these dogs were having a great time running around and provided terrific photo ops.

Butters, a retriever

Butters, a retriever

By the way, this isn’t just any endorsement – as the owner of 3 Chicks That Click, I’m giving my personal seal of approval on the venture, and not just as a business – I’ve known Dawn and and her husband Michael most of my life. Your pets will be in the best hands, aside from your own, when they stay at Not Just Dogs Pet Retreat. They can be reached at 732-425-3061

Photography by 3 Chicks That Click


Casey the Pomeranian

Casey the Pomeranian and resident host

Skye, a Siberian Husky

Skye, a Siberian Husky

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  1. Pam January 14, 2014 at 12:03 pm - Reply

    do they have a website- can’t find any other info but here!

  2. Alyse Liebowitz January 14, 2014 at 12:07 pm - Reply

    Hi Pam, their web site is currently being developed. You can reach Dawn at or 732-425-3061. Thanks for your interest!

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