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What Defines Diamond Studded Customer Service? Relationships!

A recent couple whose wedding we photographed bought their engagement and wedding rings from a local jeweler, Jovi Fine Jewelry in Middletown, NJ. I had been familiar with Jovi Jewelry and their owners, Yoel and Susan, for over six years, having belonged to a gym in the same shopping plaza. I considered myself a casual customer, as I would get watch batteries replaced, as well as minor jewelry repairs done. The staff was always friendly and helpful, their customer service was great, and it was a convenient stop before or after a workout.

Eventually, I joined another gym, but continued to make special stops there when my watches and jewelry needed attention. There were other jewelry stores that were closer to my home, and even the local grocery store had a small jeweler ensconced near the checkout lanes. Very convenient, but I didn’t know the owners, if there were even owners on site, or just employees.

Jovi Jewelry wedding ring

Selecting the wedding rings!

One day I was in Jovi Jewelry, having my wedding ring cleaned, when I heard familiar voices behind me. I turned, and saw Laura and Anthony, an adorable couple whose wedding I was going to photograph in less than 6 months. They were there to choose their wedding bands, having bought Laura’s engagement ring the previous year. It was a really fun moment, which I captured on my cell phone camera – yes, even a professional photographer doesn’t always carry all their gear around, and a cell phone will do in a pinch.

I knew that purchasing an engagement ring, and wedding rings, is a commitment not only to two people getting married, but also to the jeweler. Excellent customer service, follow up care, and commitment to providing the best products was evident with Jovi Jewelry, both in my experiences with them, and knowing my wedding clients felt the same way.

After Laura and Anthony’s wedding, I presented Yoel and Susan with mounted, enlarged prints of those beautiful rings, so they could display them in their store.

Jovi Jewelry engagement ring

Laura’s engagement ring, photographed on her vintage high heel wedding shoe

My feelings were twofold – to thank them for indirectly connecting 3 Chicks That Click Photography with Laura and Anthony, and to show that I would love to continue to provide them with quality images of their jewelry, hoping that future engaged couples would admire the images on display and make a purchase. Yoel and Susan offered to let me leave business cards in the store, and they were very generous in handing them out to admirers of the images. I also promoted the store and tagged the images on the 3 Chicks Facebook page, to drive traffic to both their Facebook page and their physical store.

One day I stopped in the store to have our own wedding rings cleaned, and to have my husband’s ring re-sized. When I went back to pick them up, I was told that a tiny 1 point diamond in my band had been missing; it was so small I hadn’t noticed. Not only was the cleaning and resizing complimentary, I wasn’t charged for the diamond replacement either! I was very touched, and told Yoel and Susan I would like to continue promote their store on my Facebook page, in my newsletter and blog, and to offer them branded gift certificates to present to their newly engaged couples towards any wedding photography package.

We’re also looking to do a professional photo shoot of their store and products, to continue to build the relationship that began as business-to-customer, and has progressed to business-to-business-to-customer. With customer service, it’s all about how we can help each other, and our customers!