Spring is a great season for change; who doesn’t spend time cleaning out closets, planting new flowers or rearranging the furniture? It’s also a great time to update your online image, creating the unique perspective that is you.

During my first conversation with a client, I spend time asking about their look, how they perceive themselves and what they need.



Emma is a talented young actress, whose look has changed significantly since her last headshot in her early teens. To stay competitive, Emma needed new images that showcased her more mature, yet “girl next door” look.

Kathleen Edinger wanted high quality, professional images for her new web site (http://www.enjoyteascapes.com), to promote her unique product and services line, Teascapes. Her company’s tag line is “Enjoy The Moment”.

Glenn was looking for a professional image for his LinkedIn profile. Because LinkedIn is a business site, Glenn knew his image had to convey a professional appearance. Future employers, clients and customers often view profiles on LinkedIn; this is not the place for a “do it yourself” image.

Every client is different; as much as one might feel more comfortable with a casual look, most people understand that they need a more polished appearance for their professional image.

How do I translate that to create their perfect image?

Clothing, make up, lighting and location are all integral pieces of a successful image. With the coming of spring, I’ve been recommending locations outside the studio.



It’s all about changing the perspective, seeing what others don’t see in order to create a series of images. Business exteriors, a window pane, a softly infused garden in the background; all add subtle personality elements and different perspectives.

For Glenn, I wanted to illustrate following the “path” of his clients’ needs, and what he can do to help them. Photographing him with the road showed him on a path to assisting them.

In Emma’s session, I created her image among the greenery of the trees, to illustrate the fresh look that suited her so well.

Kathleen and I created several images, inside and outside the studio. The end results are images of her with the perfect cup of tea and teapot sitting on an antique loveseat in an intimate salon; and outside, bringing the viewer into the serenity and beauty of a calming cup of tea in a garden.


You can see by the images that Kathleen truly “enjoyed the moments” in front of the camera!





Photographing outside not only changes my client’s perspective, but my own as well.