Cell Phone Selfie vs. Professional Image

Our client, Mary Peirson of Carpet Castle, Inc. was looking for to create a professional image for her LinkedIn profile. Mary understood that as a small business owner, she is the face of her business. Mary is very involved in networking and promoting her family owned business, and realized that it was time to upgrade her image from a cell phone selfie to a more polished look.

Compare the images above. The small, square image on the bottom left is the original selfie that Mary had used on her LinkedIn profile. The large image on the left was taken with my cell phone at Mary’s photo session, and the image on the right was taken with a pro level DSLR using a shallow depth of field and more flattering posing. Both large images were taken just minutes apart in the same spot, but look very different. Cell phone cameras, while very effective in certain situations, have their limitations when creating a custom portrait.

Investing in your business image encourages potential clients to invest with *you*. Make the investment in a high quality image and leverage that image across all kinds of marketing platforms. Opportunities include your business card, web site, LinkedIn profile, marketing brochures, press releases, blog posts, direct mail pieces and more!

3 Chicks That Click Photography works with talented hair stylists and makeup artists in our studio to provide an easy, comfortable and upscale experience for our clients. We take care of all the arrangements, so you can relax and project a confident attitude in your portrait!